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Defile of gardens in the center of Moscow Information

Defile of gardens in the center of Moscow

Gardens for all tastes were presented at the competition Last summer in the "southern" capital of Russia (as opposed to ours, the northern one) for amateurs and professionals in the field of landscape design was rich as never before: three new garden festivals were held in Moscow almost simultaneously. All were visited by the columnist and author of our magazine Alexey Antsiferov.

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Cannes New


This family includes only one genus, uniting, according to various sources, from twelve to fifty species common on the American continent. Cannes grow on humus soils around water bodies and along rivers, in the mountains and on the plains by the sea. Some species clog landfills and garbage dumps near human habitation.

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Timing of pruning pears: how to help the tree, not destroy it Miscellanea

Timing of pruning pears: how to help the tree, not destroy it

Since pruning is an important agrotechnical step in caring for a pear, the gardener needs to know exactly the timing and sequence of its implementation. To maintain the crown in proper shape, the procedure can be carried out almost at any time of the year, however, some features depend on the choice of the season. Standard timing for pruning a pear There are several types of pruning of fruit trees, incl.

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Aloe microstigma (Cape Speckled Aloe) New

Aloe microstigma (Cape Speckled Aloe)

Scientific NameAloe microstigma Salm-DyckCommon NamesCape Speckled AloeSynonymsAloe microstigma subsp. microstigma, Aloe arabica, Aloe brunnthaleri, Aloe juttaeScientific ClassificationFamily: AsphodelaceaeSubfamily: AsphodeloideaeTribe: AloeaeGenus: AloeDescriptionAloe microstigma is an attractive, evergreen, succulent perennial up to 32 inches (70 cm) tall and up to 20 inches (50 cm) in diameter, forming solitary or small clumps of beautiful rosettes of blue-green leaves, which warm up to reddish brown if suffering from environmental stress.

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Garden chrysanthemum Information

Garden chrysanthemum

The herbaceous annual and perennial plant chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum) is a member of the Asteraceae family. From Greek, the name of the plant is translated as "flower-sun" or "golden-colored" the fact is that in most species the inflorescences are colored yellow. This genus, according to the GRIN website, unites about 29 species that are naturally found in the temperate and northern zones, and most often in Asia.

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Plastic Bags For Plants: How To Move Plants In Bags Collections

Plastic Bags For Plants: How To Move Plants In Bags

By: Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden WriterMovingplants is a huge challenge and often leads to moisture damage,broken pots and other disasters, including the worst outcome of all – dead ordamaged plants. Many indoor plant enthusiasts have found that moving plants inplastic bags is a simple, inexpensive solution to this difficult problem.

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